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Boolaroo earthworks

Boolaroo earthworks

About the project

Property and Development NSW’s (PDNSW’s) Waste Assets Management Corporation (WAMC) was engaged by the Hunter and Central Coast Development Corporation (HCCDC) to excavate a new access road prior to the sale of land at the former Pasminco smelter site at Boolaroo, Lake Macquarie.

Works were commissioned in November 2020 and completed in January 2021, ahead of the land being handed over to the HCCDC in February 2021.

WAMC’s civil and project management experience resulted in the earthworks being comfortably started and completed within the allocated budget and timeframe.

WAMC prepared all necessary quality assurance, work, health and safety (WHS) and environmental plans as well as mobilised both WAMC-owned and hired equipment to do the earthworks.

The project was completed during an unusually wet summer, requiring WAMC to plan and structure works to prevent delays caused by inclement weather conditions. This involved the construction of drainage and collection ponds, sealing internal roads and trimming excavated batters to ensure the effective management of erosion and sediment.

WAMC’s earthmoving capability and experience enabled the movement and reuse of approximately 12,000m3 of soil material around the site. The use of this material to overtop and level out other parts of the site resulted in significant savings in landfill disposal costs and added value to the project by improving the appearance of other areas of the site.


The work formed part of the remediation of the former Paminco iron smelter site in Boolaroo. Construction of an access road was required as part of the development of a new commercial precinct.

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of the project?

  • Turning a former contaminated site into safe and usable land for commercial purposes.
  • Works added value to the land which, in turn, maximised its sale.
  • Works were completed within the allocated budget and timeframe.

 What was the cost of the work?

WAMC successfully completed the works for $213,000.

 What were the challenges of the project?

WAMC was able to safely determine the presence of a critical Hunter Water Corporation (HWC) 400mm pressurised water main, live power and stormwater pits and pipes.

These assets were identified before works started and, within a strict timeframe, approval was sought and granted from HWC to relocate the water main.

Who were the key stakeholders in the project?

HCCDC, HWC and Lake Macquarie Council.

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