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NSW Government property audit for housing

About the project

Housing the people of our state is a top priority for the NSW Government.

In May 2023, all NSW government agencies were directed to immediately pause the sale of government-owned land and property while an audit is undertaken to determine what could potentially be used to address the NSW housing supply shortage.

As government’s central property agency, Property and Development NSW (PDNSW), with the assistance of the Cabinet Office, is conducting an audit to identify available government property that may be suitable for housing.

Its focus is on government-owned property that is no longer needed for service delivery or infrastructure in priority housing areas where there is a community need for housing.

PDNSW is currently completing due diligence (an appraisal process) on the first tranche of sites using the government’s land use evaluation tool, Land iQ, before more detailed due diligence takes place.

No final decisions have been made at this stage about individual government-owned sites. The first tranche of suitable sites is expected to be identified by late-2023.


The NSW Government has committed to a broad range of policy objectives to support housing, including:

  • A 30 per cent social, affordable and universal housing target on surplus government-owned land.
  • Pausing the sale of government land and property while a review of the policy and governance framework for dealings in under-utilised and surplus government-owned land.
  • Providing childcare and key worker housing with each new hospital built across the state.

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