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West-bound view of Dean Street leading up to Monument Hill in Albury. Photo: Destination NSW
West-bound view of Dean Street leading up to Monument Hill in Albury. Photo: Destination NSW

We have identified Albury as a priority area for social housing.

We’re committed to delivering homes that better meet tenants’ needs, and building more housing close to jobs, shops and public transport routes in the local government area.

We’re also giving local businesses such as planning and design consultants, building contractors and subcontractors, infrastructure services contractors, materials suppliers and tradespeople the opportunity to bid for the supply of goods and services, maximising the economic benefit for the community.

Using Crown Land to ease housing stress

Through our historic agreement with Crown Lands, we’re investigating the possiblility of redeveloping Crown land in the Albury CBD as a council depot, into a new mixed housing community.

Working with AlburyCity to deliver better outcomes

We’re also working alongside AlburyCity to ensure social housing meets the needs of the local community.

Together, between 2022 and 2032, we’re aiming to deliver 540 new homes for social housing tenants and around 700 dwellings for the private market.

This work is closely tied with AlburyCity’s Local Housing Strategy and is aimed at easing housing stress by increasing the supply of new homes for vulnerable communities and the general public.

The social housing project will also deliver social and economic benefits, supporting the construction industry and creating jobs in local trades.

What’s next?

  • We’re investigating the potential to renew the Lavington and East Albury housing estates, creating a modern mix of social and private housing to address the supply and affordability of homes across Albury.
  • We’re building a 2-storey apartment building in Albury to provide housing for up to 40 social housing residents.

Supporting local industry and jobs

We held an industry information session on 6 September for local suppliers, contractors and professional service providers to hear about:

  • plans for more housing in Albury
  • how they can pre-qualify
  • the tender process
  • the support available to them.

If you missed the session, or would like more information:

More information

Read more about social housing in the Albury LGA (PDF 2,613.4 KB)

Alexandra and East Streets, East Albury

A new two-storey apartment building in Albury will provide housing for up to 40 social housing residents.

Artist impression of Alexandra and East Street, East-Albury social housing site redevelopment.

Albury CBD depot site

A landmark agreement signed brings together Crown Lands and the NSW Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC), with Albury City Council.

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