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A two-storey, 20-unit apartment complex in Griffith will provide new social housing for up to 35 residents.

1-3 Cutler Avenue, Griffith
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1-3 Cutler Avenue and 2-6 Bent Street

Proposed new homes:

20 social units

New tenants:

Around 35 new residents

Construction cost:

$8.43 million total construction cost

Project update

NSW Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) has contracted Hines Construction to transform 5 aged cottages into a two storey, 20-unit complex comprising 10 one-bedroom and 10 two-bedroom units on Cutler Avenue and Bent Street, Griffith.

Well located close to public transport with services to Griffith Town Centre, this $8.43 million new development in the Griffith local government area is due for completion in late 2023 and has been designed to the highest standards. It will provide housing for around 35 new social residents and create around 42 jobs throughout the life of the project.

This redevelopment has been designed to meet the Liveable Housing Australia silver standard. It will include solar powered lighting for common areas, energy efficient materials, equipment and appliances and LED downlights. Two units will be adaptable for wheelchair users, 15 on-grade parking spots will be provided as well as accessible car space adjacent to the adaptable units.

It will feature level access to all common areas, and a new 2m wide footpath on Cutler Avenue frontage to help implement the Griffith Pedestrian and Bicycle Strategy.

This project highlights the NSW Government’s continued commitment to deliver well designed, modern housing that seamlessly integrates within the community to create greater housing diversity and deliver more keys in doors and provide more safe housing for people in need.