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Forbes Housing Project - Frequently asked questions

What is the NSW Government doing to address the housing shortage in Forbes?

The NSW Land and Housing Corporation will subdivide 10 hectares of vacant government-owned land to create around 132 new homes in a mix of private, social, and affordable housing.

Will the new development be all social housing?

There will be about 28 new homes for social housing residents, within a mix of private and affordable housing for key workers across the subdivision.

When will these new homes be built?

There are a few steps before the new homes are built.

Following exhibition and consideration of community and stakeholders’ feedback, development plans will be finalised, and a Part 5 planning approval will be granted in mid 2024.

Construction will be taking place during 2025 and early 2026, paving the way for the construction of new homes in 2026.

Will these homes reduce the number of people on the social housing waitlist in Forbes?

The project is going to deliver around 28 social housing and 12 affordable and key workers homes which will address the housing needs in Forbes.

How will these new homes be built?

When the civil works to subdivide the land have started, LAHC will appoint a sales agent to market and sell individual lots to interested parties in 2024, who could start to build homes in late 2025.

Approximately 28 social housing dwellings will be built by LAHC, made up of a mixture of dual occupancy dwellings and seniors’ living villas.

How will the increased traffic be managed?

The site possesses a high level of road connectivity, with direct access to Forbes town centre via Farnell Street and Bogan Way, via York Street.

Won’t these new homes put too much pressure on local infrastructure?

The existing local infrastructure has the capacity to accommodate the proposed development.

What are you doing to consider Aboriginal heritage?

An Aboriginal Heritage Due Diligence report has been completed for the site. The report has not identified any items of Aboriginal Heritage.

What will be the height of buildings on the site?

Building height is limited to 8.5 metres as per Forbes Shire Council Local Environmental Plan 2013.

Is open space for the community part of the plan?

The new homes will be close to Jenny Murphy Park in nearby Belah Street, which connects directly to the north of the site and can be accessed via Dawson Street to the south.

Will there be links to public transport?

The new roads will be designed to accommodate public buses. The existing 586 bus route stops adjacent to the southern end of the site at the corner of Dawson Street and Crouch Street.

Will there be footpaths in the project?

Concrete footpaths will be provided throughout the estate.

Will there be building covenants in the project?

Building covenants will be created and registered on title to ensure there is a standard of development that is relevant to the area.

Will there be street lighting in the project?

Yes, street lighting in accordance with standard industry practice will be provided.

Will there be street trees in the project?

Yes, an appropriate street tree species will be chosen in consultation with Forbes Shire Council and planted within the road reserve.

Where will the social housing be located in the project?

The social housing will be distributed throughout the estate and built to a standard appropriate with modern homes in the area, blending seamlessly with the surrounding development.