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Rhoda Street, Goulburn

Belmore Park, Goulburn. Photo: Destination NSW

Revamped social housing to meet new needs


Completed - July 2023


Rhoda Street, Goulburn

New homes:

14 social homes

New tenants:

Around 26 residents

Construction cost:

$6.55 million total construction cost

We’ve transformed 4 aged cottages into 14 new social homes in Goulburn.

The 9 two-bedroom and 5 one-bedroom units will become homes for up to 26 social housing residents.

All ground-floor units are accessible, with two modified for wheelchair users.

Close to local schools and transport, the apartment block features new landscaping in common areas that is maintained with harvested rainwater; air conditioning; and a private outdoor space for every unit. The project created around 33 jobs.