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Wagga Wagga

Wagga Wagga has been identified as a priority area for the renewal and delivery of new social housing.

Our objective is to help people in need in the region access high-standard housing that better meets residents’ needs and is located near jobs, shops, transport and services.

Artists impression of new housing for Wagga Wagga
Artist's impression, new social housing for Wagga Wagga.

Transforming Tolland

The NSW Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) is working with the Aboriginal Housing Office (AHO), the Argyle Consortium (consisting of Argyle Housing, Birribee Housing and BlueCHP) and Wagga Wagga City Council to redevelop Tolland.

Learn more about the draft Tolland Masterplan and our plans to renew Tolland.

Other projects within the Wagga Wagga region

In collaboration with Wagga Wagga City Council, LAHC is also proposing to renew 11 ageing properties across four mid-scale social housing sites in the vicinity of Duke of Kent Park.

These sites include:

  • 18-22 Spring Street
  • 21-25 North Parade
  • 34-40 South Parade
  • 48-56 South Parade.

Our proposal is to provide 60 new fit-for-purpose mixed two and three-storey buildings that will house around 96 residents.

Feedback from the local community on the proposals is currently being considered by the project teams to determine next steps.

LAHC and Wagga Wagga City Council have also been working on new projects in Kooringal and Mount Austin.

Social housing snapshot

There are almost 1,200 social housing dwellings located within the Wagga Wagga local government area (LGA).

Around 800 of our dwellings are concentrated in 4 suburbs or estates such as Tolland, with the remaining 400 dwellings scattered across the LGA, mainly in older established areas of Wagga Wagga (as opposed to newer housing release areas).

There is a large supply of 3-bedroom social housing cottages, many of which are underused and difficult to maintain, especially for older residents.

There is currently a high demand for smaller dwellings up to 2-bedrooms for existing tenants and households on the waitlist. More than half of our current tenants in the LGA would benefit from seniors living developments, which is housing built to better meet the access needs of older people or people with a disability.

Renewing the Tolland Estate as well as replacing older houses with more and better social housing across the LGA is our long-term objective.

8-12 South Parade, Wagga Wagga

Ten new, fit-for-purpose social housing apartments will offer a convenient lifestyle to residents in Wagga Wagga.


LAHC is planning to renew the Tolland Estate to provide a new mix of modern housing.

Aerial view of Tolland Estate