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Tolland Estate

Aerial view of Tolland Estate
Tolland estate housing area, Wagga Wagga.

The NSW Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) is working with the Aboriginal Housing Office (AHO), the Argyle Consortium (including Argyle Housing, BlueCHP and Birribee Housing) and Wagga Wagga City Council to transform the existing Tolland housing estate in Wagga Wagga to provide for a new mix of modern housing.

Replacing the concentrated estate’s aged social housing with a modern mix of different homes is part of a program to renew and improve local social housing as well as introduce more private housing supply in the Wagga Wagga local government area.

Approximately 500 new mixed-tenure homes will be delivered across the renewed Tolland Estate area. Around 180 of these are set to be new social housing that fits seamlessly into the local streetscape.

The renewal project will provide a mix of new social, affordable, seniors housing and private housing, along with new community facilities, roads and parks.

Plans for renewal

Renewing the Tolland estate will provide:

  • a new mix of social and private housing that is completely indistinguishable from each other
  • better social and economic outcomes for current and future social housing residents
  • a range of modern, quality housing to suit different lifestyles and households
  • new community infrastructure like parks, roads and facilities
  • new, well-designed homes that meet accessibility standards.

This renewal will help to create a vibrant and connected community with modern, accessible housing and improved access to transport and open spaces. Providing more open space and, better community facilities in the estate will make it easier to do everyday things, like grocery shopping and meeting up with friends.

Current status

We are currently working with Wagga Wagga City Council and other key stakeholders to finalise our plans which will be shared with you later in 2023.

The community and residents of the estate will be kept updated throughout the life of the project and there will be further opportunities for you to have your say.

Contact us

Email communityengagement@facs.nsw.gov.au or phone 1800 738 718.