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Groundwater document library

Find groundwater-related publications prepared by the department.

Groundwater-related publications

Search our alphabetical list of groundwater-related publications below, to read more about the work of our groundwater scientists.

Fact sheet

You might also like to learn more about our current groundwater science and modelling work.

Download the fact sheet (PDF. 157KB)


If you are interested in groundwater research, check out our groundwater research prospectus.

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Fact sheets

Groundwater vulnerability maps and notes

Minimum requirements



Groundwater annual reports

Groundwater annual reports have been prepared for several inland groundwater sources. These reports give a summary of:

  • water accounts
  • volume pumped
  • compliance with long-term extraction limits
  • trade statistics
  • groundwater levels.

These reports are updated annually.





Groundwater Resource Description reports

We have produced a series of resource description reports as part of the development of water resource plans for each groundwater source in the Murray-Darling Basin. Within the ‘draft plan’ you will find an appendix titled ‘… water resource plan area description’. Alternatively, the groundwater resource description reports are listed below. These reports provide a comprehensive overview of each groundwater resource. They describe the location, climate and physical attributes of the groundwater resource. They also present the current status of the groundwater resource including licensing and use and discuss the response of the groundwater system to variability in groundwater use and rainfall.

State Significant Development / Infrastructure Guidelines