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Water accounting

We are working through the reforms recommended by the National Water Initiative.

Lakes and rivers in New South Wales.

The National Water Initiative (NWI) is Australia's enduring blueprint for water reform. Through this initiative, governments across Australia have agreed on actions to achieve a more cohesive national approach to the way Australia manages, measures, plans for, prices, and trades water.

Australian Water Accounting Standard

The National Water Initiative identified the need for a consistent and standardised approach to water resource accounting, resulting in a decision to treat water accounting as a discipline comparable to that of financial accounting.

The Australian Water Accounting Standard 1 was developed by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology to define the structure for preparing and presenting a General Purpose Water Accounting Report. The document outlining the Australian Water Accounting Standard can be downloaded from Bureau of Meteorology.

Annual water resource accounts produced under the Australian Water Accounting Standard 1.

Downloadable spreadsheets of regulated river available water determination history.

Water accounting rules by licence category for each regulated water source.

Historical water usage presented by basin, water source, river section, licence category.

Historical water utilisation and activation rates by water source.

Share component since the commencement of the water sharing plan by water source and licence category.

Monthly breakdown of each water balance component improving the understanding of water gains and losses at a reach and catchment scale.