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River Murray Joint Programs

Promoting and coordinating the effective planning and management of water and other natural resources across the Murray-Darling Basin.

Murrumbidgee River, NSW.

The Water Group’s River Murray Joint Programs initiative is responsible for delivering a range of programs supporting the NSW Government’s responsibilities under the Murray-Darling Basin Agreement and the NSW Water Management Act 2000.

The Basin states and the Australian Government are all signatories to the Murray-Darling Basin Agreement. Its purpose is to promote and coordinate the effective planning and management of water and other natural resources across the Murray-Darling Basin to support their equitable, efficient and sustainable use. The Water Group is a nominated State Construction Authority under the agreement.

In addition, the program is responsible for implementing and delivering works and activities for various state funded initiatives including the:

  • Tumut River Works Program
  • Billabong Salt Interception Scheme
  • Basin Salinity Management (BSM2030) Program.

The program is responsible for an annual program of works valued at approximately $12 million, and for managing approximately $130 million in assets and infrastructure.

Find out more about the program of works making up the River Murray Joint Programs below:

The River Works Program focuses on maintaining bank stability and channel capacity in the Upper Murray River, Hume to Yarrawonga and Tumut River reaches.

Works delivered under this program include:

  • bank condition monitoring of over 1,000 km of riverbank
  • revegetation
  • log and rock revetment
  • weed control
  • stock control fencing
  • the installation of off-stream watering points
  • wetland and in-stream habitat management
  • the protection of First Nations cultural heritage sites.

Find out more about the Tumut River Works Program

The Lake Victoria Program manages approximately 14,000 Ha of land including the Nulla, Noola, Lake Victoria North and Kulcurna stations.

Management of this land involves:

  • pest plant and animal control
  • infrastructure maintenance
  • land degradation repairs
  • cultural heritage protection works
  • First Nations engagement.

Find out more about the Lake Victoria Program

Salinity remains an issue across the NSW Murray-Darling Basin and presents significant economic, environmental and social challenges for the state.

The Water Group’s Basin Salinity Management Program helps to ensure salinity in the Murray River does not exceed the agreed levels and there is not a return to the highly saline conditions of previous decades.

Find out more about the Basin Salinity Management Program

The Living Murray Program supports the South Australian Government and the Mallee Catchment Management Authority to plan and undertake activities at the Chowilla Floodplains and Lindsay-Wallpolla-Mulcra Islands Icon Site.

The program also supports the development and delivery of seasonal watering plans and implements the Indigenous Partnership Program.

Find out more about The Living Murray program

Salt Interception Schemes

Salt Interception Schemes are designed to prevent saline groundwater from entering river systems and contribute to BSM2030 targets.

The program works closely with SA Water (South Australia), Goulburn Murray Water (Victoria) and the Murray-Darling Basin Authority to operate and maintain three Salt Interception Schemes including the Mallee Cliffs, Buronga and Upper Darling schemes, on behalf of partner governments.

In addition, one state-owned scheme, located adjacent to Billabong Creek (north of Albury), is also operated and managed by the program.

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