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Floodplain harvesting measurement

Secondary metering equipment

Secondary metering devices allow you to floodplain harvest before the primary metering equipment roll-out or if your primary metering device is faulty.

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Secondary measurement devices for floodplain harvesting

Continue to floodplain harvest if your primary meter fails

If you hold a floodplain harvesting licence, you can install an optional secondary metering device. A secondary device acts as your back-up system and will allow you to floodplain harvest:

  • before the primary metering equipment rollout date, which is 12 months from water being credited to your floodplain harvesting access licence account.
  • if your primary metering equipment is faulty.

The Secondary Metering Devices Guide (PDF, 370.98 KB) has more information and guidance on gauge board installation.

The table below lists all approved secondary metering devices. Secondary metering devices must be validated by a duly qualified person.

Secondary metering devices for floodplain harvesting


Device make and model

Gauge board

No specific make or model, but must meet Australian standards (AS 3778.6.5, s 7.1)

Other automated systems

GoannaAg GoStorage device

Irritek Remote device

Novecom - Secondary SynaptiX LID

Aquatech storage meter


TOIP ML417M1-ST and the TOIP ML417M1-S

All secondary devices must be installed in line with the:

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