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Local water utility performance

Previous performance figures

The department’s annual reports allow local water utilities to benchmark and improve their performance against other similar utilities.

Previous performance monitoring reports

The Department of Planning and Environment is an active participant in the development of key performance indicators for reporting.

It monitors and annually reports the overall performance of local water utilities as a public 'report card' in the annual NSW Water Supply and Sewerage Performance Monitoring Report. The report is provided to regional water utilities and allows NSW to comply with the National Water Initiative.

Water supply and sewerage performance monitoring reports

NSW water supply and sewerage benchmarking reports

The department also prepares the comprehensive NSW Water Supply and Sewerage Benchmarking Report, which presents the full suite of performance indicators and benchmarking data for all local water utilities. This allows each local water utility to benchmark its performance against that of similar utilities to assist with performance improvement.

Other reports of interest

The Department of Planning and Environment reports on key performance indicators under the National Performance Framework. This results in the publication of the annual National Performance Report for Urban Water Utilities.

The department also provides an annual two-page performance report for each utility's water supply business and for its sewerage business. These reports allow each utility to prepare an annual action plan to Council to identify and address any emerging issues or areas of under-performance.