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Final regional water strategies

Gwydir Regional Water Strategy

A 20-year Gwydir region-specific strategy to improve the security and certainty of our water resources.

The Gwydir Regional Water Strategy and how it will be delivered is set out in the following strategy and implementation plan documents:

About the Strategy

Secure, reliable and resilient water sources are critical to regional communities in NSW. The best and latest climate evidence, along with a wide range of tools and solutions, has been used to chart a progressive journey for our water needs for the next 20 years and beyond.

We have prioritised 22 actions that can help to improve the Gwydir’s readiness to adapt to a more variable climate.

Gwydir action map.
Summary of the strategy actions

How the strategy was developed

To develop this strategy, the NSW Government undertook significant research, analysis and consultation with industry, communities, and water managers. The department sought input for the development of the strategy through 2 public exhibition periods, as well as a range of targeted engagement sessions.

Document library and past engagement

Monitoring and reporting

The strategy is designed to respond to changing circumstances. We will undertake a formal review of the strategy at least every 5 years or in response to significant changing conditions and government priorities.

Each year, we will report on our progress in implementing the strategy actions. This will provide transparency to the community, and allow us to show what we have achieved and what we will deliver in the future.

Regional water strategies process
Regional water strategies process