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Environmental water data

Held environmental water data

Search registers and view dashboards with environmental entitlements by water source and other categories.

Red River Gums on the Murray River  - Image credit: Peter Robey DPE

Registers, dashboards and reports

Held environmental water licences register

Search environmental water entitlements in NSW by water source and water sharing plan

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Annual environmental water entitlements dashboard

View annual entitlements by NSW catchments.

Lace Monitor lizard on a log in the water

Held environmental water dashboard

A summary of held environmental water shares, usage and trade data.

Pacific Black Duck - Image credit: A Leung DPE

Environmental water summary report

Generate water source and water sharing plan report for environmental water entitlements.

Darling River with reflections on the water and tree either side

Environmental water trades register

Search environmental held water trades between licences.

Emus and and kangaroos by the lakes edge