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Careers in the water industry

Discover the benefits of a career in the NSW water industry to help support the health of communities and the environment.

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Careers in the water industry

The water industry plays a vital role in providing clean, safe, and reliable water and wastewater services for communities. Careers in the water industry are not only essential for public health and environmental sustainability but also offer diverse opportunities for individuals passionate about making a difference.

Water professionals in NSW work in various roles, from water treatment plant operators and wastewater treatment specialists to hydrologists and civil engineers. They ensure the quality and availability of water for drinking, industry and farming processes, while also managing wastewater treatment and recycling.

A career in the water industry offers a strong sense of purpose and the opportunity to contribute to innovative technical water solutions. This is driven by the growing global awareness of water supply issues and the significance of sustainable water management.

Skills and training focus group

In mid-2023, the department formed a focus group consisting of volunteers across the water industry including members of local water utilities, Local Government NSW, Training Services NSW and the NSW Water Directorate. The purpose of the group is to provide a platform to exchange information, promote collaborations and identify opportunities where the program can support and catalyse the training sector. The group does this by guiding implementation of the Water operations skills and training action plan ().

Information and resources

We encourage local water utilities, councils and job seekers to view the below materials to help inform and promote skills and training opportunities in the water sector.

Career information

Council resources

Content for councils to use across their social media, newsletters and job advertisements.


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