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Non-urban metering

What is non-urban metering and why is it important?

Learn more about the NSW non-urban water metering framework.

Non-urban water metering refers to water taken from regulated rivers, unregulated rivers and groundwater systems under a water access licence, where the take can be measured by a meter.

If you can’t measure and monitor it, you can’t manage it.

The non-urban water metering framework became law in December 2018 with staged deadlines for installing compliant equipment rolling out over six years, until 1 December 2024. The next rollout date is for water users in the eastern and coastal NSW regions who must have compliant equipment installed by 1 December 2024.

If you are captured by the non-urban metering rules and you are installing a new or replacement meter - your new meter must be compliant, regardless of your rollout date.

1 April 2019

New and replacement

Faulty meters
Inactive works

Stage 1

1 December 2020

Surface water pumps 500mm and above

Stage 2

1 December 2021

Inland Northern regions

Stage 3

1 June 2023

Inland Southern regions

Stage 4

1 December 2024

Eastern and Coastal NSW regions

The framework is based on national non-urban metering standards, agreed by all Australian states and territories in 2009.

Under these rules, about 95 per cent of licensed water take capacity will need to be fitted with accurate, auditable and tamper evident meters.

While many water users already use meters to record their water take, these rules apply a consistent standard to all to help ensure that we know how much water is being taken and whether it is being taken according to the rules.

The metering framework includes the:

Water users will need to ensure that they have compliant metering equipment by the relevant rollout date. Download the leaflet.

What water users need to know leaflet (PDF, 2459.1 KB)

Learn more about the requirements of the metering rollout for water users.

Information for DQPs about their role in the non-urban metering framework, and where to find help if needed.

Information for suppliers of meters and telemetry devices about how to submit devices for approval.

Read more about the history of non-urban water metering in our document library.

Floodplain harvesting measurement

The NSW Government is also implementing rules for measuring floodplain harvesting, based on its Floodplain harvesting measurement policy.

Floodplain Harvesting Measurement Policy (PDF, 2270.23 KB)

Read more on floodplain harvesting measurement.

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