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Reconnecting River Country Program

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Register your interest to become a Registered Aboriginal Party for early works and measure projects.

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The department’s Water Group is seeking registrations from Aboriginal people with local knowledge of Aboriginal cultural heritage to become Registered Aboriginal Parties (RAPs) for the Reconnecting River Country Program’s early works and measures packages.

The request for registrations is in accordance with the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Consultation Requirements for Proponents (Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water, 2010).

About the early works and measures packages

We are currently scoping early works and measures packages in the Murray and Murrumbidgee River systems as part of the ongoing development of the program in line with the August 2023 Murray-Darling Basin Plan Agreement.

The packages being scoped will identify program works and measures that could deliver wetland and floodplain outcomes by December 2026, should the program proceed to delivery.

The packages being scoped are:

  • Werai forest (in the Edward River Council and Murray River Council areas)
  • Niemur-Colligen (in the Murray River Council area)
  • Mundarlo Bridge (in the Junee Council and Cootamundra-Gundagai Council areas)
  • Mundowy Lane (in the Wagga Wagga Council area).

Some examples of the early works infrastructure being considered on a mixture of public and private land parcels include watercourse crossing upgrades, new installations such as bridges, culverts, causeways and rock crossings, access track upgrades, and installation of regulators.

You can find out more about the early works and measures projects.

About Registered Aboriginal Parties

RAPs play a crucial role in determining the significance of Aboriginal objects and/or place(s) during project development and inform decision-making regarding cultural heritage. The participation of RAPs will assist to prepare an Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessment Report for the early works and measures packages being scoped.

How to register

To register, fill in the registration form below. Ensure you answer each question and identify the project/s you are seeking to become a RAP for and provide background concerning your cultural connection to the area in your registration.

Registrations by 5:00 pm (AEST) on 8 May 2024, would be appreciated. The department will be in contact via phone or email within 7 business days of the registration close date.

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