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NSW Murray Regional Water Strategy

A long-term regional water strategy is being developed to guide how the NSW Government can best address the water-related challenges to support a liveable and prosperous Murray region.

Progress update

The department sought feedback from the community on the draft NSW Murray Regional Water Strategy, including a long list of proposed options to meet regional water challenges, from Wednesday 11 April until 22 May 2022. Thank you to stakeholders who made a submission during this period.

The department has reviewed and analysed this feedback. It will be considered as strategy development progresses. A consultation summary report and submissions that submitters have agreed to make public have been published on this website.

The next stage of public consultation on the NSW Murray Regional Water Strategy will recommence later this year.

Discussion paper

The department is committed to engaging with all stakeholders in the NSW Murray region throughout development of the strategy. To ensure transparency, to demonstrate progress and to give the community confidence that we are progressing this important work, we are releasing a discussion paper that details refined regional water challenges based on feedback and the results of additional baseline hydrological modelling.

Clearly identifying the key challenges for the region is an important step in helping assess what tools and solutions are needed to manage the water needs of the NSW Murray region over the next 20 years and beyond.

Climate and hydrological modelling report

The results of baseline hydrological modelling for the draft NSW Murray and Murrumbidgee regional water strategies are detailed in this report, including key implications for water resources in the NSW Murray and Murrumbidgee regions. Releasing this base set of results is intended to inform public understanding and discussion about the range of potential climate challenges the water resources of the regions may face into the future.

Public draft strategy and background information

Previous versions of the draft NSW Murray Regional Water Strategy can be found by visiting the what we heard page.

Next steps

The department intends to further develop the strategy throughout the first half of 2023 and seek further community feedback, including on a proposed shortlist of actions to address regional water challenges, in mid-2023.

Draft regional water strategies prepared in consultation with regional communities

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7

Identify opportunities and challenges for the region

Understand the future water needs of the region over the next 20 to 40 years

Identify long list of options to meet the challenges and aspirations of each region

Collect and review feedback. Refine key regional challenges

Undertake hydrological modelling and economic and environmental analysis. Identify proposed actions

Collect and review feedback

Finalise preferred actions. Integrate with existing government commitments

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