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Delivery – Stage 3 subdivision complete. Stages 4 and 11 to start construction very soon. Other stages in planning


2 km to Campbelltown CBD, off Badgally Road

Indicative land area:

125 ha

What's happening

We are transforming Claymore Estate into a mixed-tenure community, with 1,010 new privately owned homes and around 450 homes for social housing tenants.

All homes will be close to upgraded transport, services, shops, community facilities, parks and open spaces.

Open space is a feature of the new suburb, which includes Badgally Reserve (completed) and upgrades to Dimeny Park, Davis Park and Fullwood Reserve. New local roads, and pedestrian and cycle paths will also be built.

We are building 150 homes designed for older social housing tenants. The first 2 new buildings for seniors (55 units) were completed in 2020.

The NSW Government allocated $75 million to fast-track the Claymore project in the 2020–21 budget. We expect the project will be completed in 2028, around 5 years earlier than originally anticipated.

Support for existing residents

If you are a resident of Claymore who is moving as a result of the fast-track program and you need help or information, please email the Department of Communities and Justice’s Renewal Team at CampbelltownRenewalProjects@facs.nsw.gov.au.

You can also access a wide range of programs and community initiatives, like the Skills Exchange Program provided by our Claymore Opportunity Hub. For more information, email CampbelltownRenewalProjects@facs.nsw.gov.au.


Landcom is managing the sale of new residential lots on our behalf. Landcom regularly releases land for sale under the Hillcroft brand.

For sales enquiries, phone (02) 9841 8765 or visit www.landcom.com.au/places/hillcroft-at-claymore