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Elizabeth Street, Redfern

Indiciative image of what Redfern redevelopment could look like


Rezoning/Tender in progress


600 Elizabeth Street, Redfern

Indicative land area:

1.1 Ha

Delivering more new and better housing in the inner city

The NSW Government is continuing its work to deliver more new and better housing in inner city Sydney, with its landmark Elizabeth Street, Redfern, project set to deliver around 300 new homes, including around 95 social housing properties.

The proposed development, located opposite Redfern Oval, will feature a modern design and high-quality features, in line with the evolving look, feel and culture of the local area.

The development is in close proximity to public transport, including the new Metro Station at Waterloo, shops and other important services, and will include a multi-use community facility.

Artist's impression of proposed laneway

Maximising social housing

The NSW Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) is working to actively grow and manage the supply of the right types of housing, at the right time, in the right areas. One of LAHC’s objectives for the project is optimising social housing on the site at no cost to government.

LAHC is now proceeding with the redevelopment of the site under a more traditional development model, whereby LAHC makes its land available for redevelopment and the private or not-for-profit sector funds and manages construction. LAHC keeps the social housing and the private or not-for-profit sector sells the private housing, and sells or retains and affordable housing.

This development model is called Build to Sell, and it achieves LAHC's key objective of maximising social housing on the site.

A new tender process is now being undertaken to select a developer to work with LAHC to deliver the renewed project.

The previous proposal for the Elizabeth Street site was designed to cater for Sydney’s demand for rental housing under a Build to Rent model (BTR), however, proposed planning controls have reduced the yield to a level where a BTR model is not viable and no longer meets the objective of delivering the project at no cost to government.

Redfern redevelopment precinct

Outline of proposed redevelopment site
Aerial view showing proposed redevelopment site

The 1.1 hectare site is bounded by Elizabeth, Kettle, Walker and Phillip Streets. It is conveniently located opposite Redfern Park and the historic Redfern Oval.

The site is in walking distance of the existing Redfern and Central Stations and the future Metro station at Waterloo.

Residents will also enjoy easy access to education, training and local employment opportunities.

Planning proposal

Indicative aerial view of Redfern redevelopment from the south

In November 2019, the rezoning pathway for Redfern changed from a State Significant Precinct (SSP) process led by the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment to a Planning Proposal process led by the City of Sydney.

The City of Sydney recently placed the Planning Proposal for the project on public exhibition. Feedback from the community is being carefully reviewed and considered.

NSW Government has since been working closely with the City of Sydney and Government Architect NSW to develop the Planning Proposal for Redfern and to ensure that the development will meet the needs of the existing and future community.

Design features

Artist's impression of laneway

The proposal allows for:

  • A new mixed community of around 310 homes subject to Development Application (DA) approval
  • A mix of social, affordable and private rental housing
  • Building heights in line with the local character
  • A mix of building heights with the majority of the site nine storeys or less
  • Provision for new garden roof tops and outdoor space for residents
  • Potential for an improved and expanded public plaza on Kettle Street
  • Community facility, new shops, cafes and communal spaces.

Next steps

Pending approvals, construction on the Redfern project is expected to begin in 2024, with works completed in 2026/27.