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Stoney Creek Rd, Kingsgrove

Stoney creek rd

Ten new social housing apartments will become homes to ten new senior residents in a development designed to capture solar power while offering privacy to surrounding homes.




330-332 Stoney Creek Rd, Kingsgrove

Proposed new homes:

10 social housing apartments for seniors

New tenants:

10 new residents (estimate only)

Construction cost:

$3.22 million total construction cost

Project updates

Construction is now underway and works will continue towards mid 2021. Degree Constructions Pty Ltd is the construction partner on this project.

Around 16 jobs will be created as part of this project.

This development is one of about 50 projects being delivered under the NSW Government’s $400 million Fast-Track Housing Construction Package, to help boost economic recovery from COVID-19 in local communities throughout the state.

The site is within 1km of Kingsgrove town centre and close bus stops at Stoney Creek Road and Kingsgrove Road which provide regular services to Hurstville, Rockdale, Kogarah and Kingsgrove. The site is also within 400m of Kingsgrove Public School and Kingsgrove High School, and within 600m of Bexley Golf Club.

NSW Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) is constructing a two-storey residential development consisting of ten social housing units for seniors on the site.

The development will have 10 social housing units for seniors configured as six two-bedroom units and four one-bedroom units. Ground level parking and associated landscaping will also be provided.

The development has been designed to maximise solar access to the living and open spaces of the units.

Noise insulation measures will be undertaken to ensure residents of the development are not unreasonably impacted by traffic noise from Stoney Creek Road, while roof top solar has also been incorporated into the development's design.