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Artist impression Waterloo South
Stage: On exhibition
Address: Phillip and McEvoy Streets to the north and south, and Pitt and Cope Streets to the east and west.
Indicative land area: 18 Ha

March 2022 Waterloo newsletter:

The NSW Government’s announcement of the Waterloo Redevelopment Precinct in 2015 included the delivery of a new Waterloo Metro Station and renewal of the Waterloo social housing estate.

The Metro Station is due to open in 2024 and includes the Metro Quarter above the station with new social, affordable, student and market housing, as well as shops and integrated community facilities.

The renewal of the Waterloo social housing estate will provide new and more modern and well-designed social and private housing, replacing the existing social housing currently located on the site, which is aged and no longer fit-for-purpose. The redevelopment of the estate will also provide new parks, streets and spaces for retail and community uses which are important elements of a vibrant community.

The renewal of the estate will be staged over the next 20 years to enable a coordinated approach that minimises disruption for existing tenants. Aligned to this staged approach, The Waterloo Estate comprises three separate, but adjoining and inter-related stages: Waterloo South, Waterloo Central and Waterloo North.

Waterloo Estate South – planning proposal on exhibition

Waterloo South is the first stage of the Waterloo Estate renewal. The NSW Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) lodged a Planning Proposal for Waterloo South with the City of Sydney in May 2020.

As of 16 March 2021, the Department of Planning and Environment (formerly Department of Planning, Industry and Environment) is now the Planning Authority responsible for assessing and finalising the Waterloo Planning Proposal.

An Independent Advisory Group (IAG) was appointed to provide advice on changes required to the Planning Proposal before proceeding to community consultation. On 23 June 2021, the Department made a Gateway Determination for the Planning Proposal to proceed to the next stage. As part of the Gateway decision, the Department will continue with technical investigations, as well as community consultation about the future land uses.

Planning proposal on exhibition

The planning proposal to revamp Waterloo South by changing the rules for how land can be used is on public exhibition until 29 April 2022.

The proposed plan will help deliver new social, affordable, and private homes with access to improved community facilities, parks, shops and transport. The plan builds on the strengths and character of the area and supports the needs of the growing number of people who call Waterloo home.

Please visit the DPE website to view the planning proposal and have your say.

What about the rest of the Waterloo Estate?

LAHC will continue working with the City of Sydney on plans for Waterloo Central and Waterloo North.

More information

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