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The NSW Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) is working to renew and revitalise a number of social housing communities in inner Sydney, including in Glebe.

By doing this, LAHC can deliver new fit-for-purpose social housing, close to transport and services, along with integrated and cohesive communities with a range of housing tenures.

The rich history and existing character of Glebe is carefully considered as LAHC plans for the future of its sites, with the clear goal to achieve the greatest benefit for social housing residents in the wider community.

Below are links to current projects in Glebe.

Cowper Street, Glebe

The NSW Land and Housing Corporation's showcase housing project at Cowper Street and Wentworth Park Road, Glebe.

Franklyn Street, Glebe

The NSW Government has announced a proposal to renew the Franklyn Street social housing estate in Glebe.

Wentworth Park Road, Glebe

The NSW Land and Housing Corporation is investigating the renewal of 82 Wentworth Park Road to deliver additional and better social housing.

Map of 82 Wentworth Park Road, Glebe