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The NSW Government is delivering a record 4,250 new homes across the City of Sydney Local Government Area. Of these, around 1,260 will be social housing homes – representing a 38 per cent increase over current social housing numbers.

Since February 2020, the NSW Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) has lodged planning proposals to advance five major housing revitalisation projects in the City of Sydney, including two major projects in Glebe.

LAHC is working with the City of Sydney and expert local architects to develop the concepts for these new projects.

One of the main reasons we introduce private and affordable housing into social housing estates is because this helps create greater social diversity and support systems.

One of our challenges is to deliver this mix while increasing the number of social housing homes in the area, and where there is the greatest demand. The proposed mix of private to social housing depends on a number of factors, particularly land value and infrastructure costs, but there is no magic ratio. A 70/30 split is always our starting point.

While the history and character of Glebe is unique, and different to its neighbouring suburbs, all social housing renewal starts with the clear goal of achieving the greatest benefit for social housing residents in the wider community.