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Warwick Farm

Mannix Parade, Warwick Farm
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A six-storey, forty-three unit apartment building in Warwick Farm will provide housing for up to 65 new social housing residents.




11-13 Mannix Parade, Warwick Farm

Proposed new homes:

Forty three units

New tenants:

Up to 65 new residents

Construction cost:

$16.32 million total construction cost

Project updates

NSW Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) has partnered with Taylor Australia to develop a six-storey, forty-three unit apartment building in Warwick Farm.

Located within walking distance to Warwick Farm train station, this renewal project will comprise forty-three social housing units consisting of twenty-two two-bedroom and twenty-one one-bedroom units.

This $16.32 million development in the Liverpool local government area is due for completion in late 2022, and will provide homes for up to 65 new social housing residents and create around 82 jobs during the life of the project.

Taylor Australia will transform the site into quality, modern social housing that will be sympathetic to the existing character of the area and consistent with the site's zoning for high density residential development.

This renewal project will provide a neighbourly interface with adjoining properties, feature an architectural contemporary and attractive design, include a large communal open space area, a community garden, play areas and outdoor seating offering a variety of recreational spaces for all residents. The planting of large canopy trees will soften the architecture and contribute to privacy for ground floor apartments.

Environmentally sustainable solar panels will provide power to common areas, and new footpaths will be provided along the site frontage. Five units will be adaptable for mobility restricted residents, and car parking will be provided, including five accessible spaces.

In line with the NSW Government’s Future Directions for Social Housing plan, this project highlights the NSW Government’s continued commitment to deliver well designed, fit-for purpose homes integrated within the community to create greater diversity and help strengthen support for social housing residents