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Bonnyrigg Estate


Modified Concept Plan approved. Stages 6 & 7 construction underway.


Bonnyrigg Town Centre  adjoining Bonnyrigg Avenue, Humphries  Road, Cabramatta Road and Elizabeth Drive (6km to Liverpool CBD)

Indicative land area:

81 Ha

Bonnyrigg – planning for the future

The NSW Government has approved a modified concept plan to continue the redevelopment of the Bonnyrigg Estate. The new plan increases the number of private and social housing homes that will be delivered to provide greater housing choice for the local community.

Bonnyrigg Planning for the Future infographic

Under the modified plan there will be a total of 3,000 new homes with a mix of 30% social and 70% private housing.

There will be a wider mix of housing styles and sizes attracting a broader range of residents. Medium density multi-unit buildings will be located near the town hub to provide easy access to public transport, local services and community facilities.

Bonnyrigg Village Green artist impression

Other improvements include:

  • Development of an integrated town hub
  • Increased open space to 13.04ha
  • Increased tree canopy cover from 14% to 25%
  • Over 4 km of new pedestrian and cycle paths, providing better connectivity

The NSW Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) has worked closely with Fairfield City Council to ensure that the proposed modifications align with Council plans for the area.

A large area of the Bonnyrigg Estate has already been redeveloped under the original Concept Plan approved in 2009.

To date, delivery of housing in Stages 1 to 5 has produced 548 new properties including 212 social housing homes as well as seven hectares of new and improved parklands. By the end of 2021, with Stages 6 and 7a underway, a total of 690 new homes including 256 social housing dwellings will have been built or under construction.

Next steps

Work on delivery of new housing in Stage 5 continued during approvals process for modified Concept Plan. Construction of new housing in Stages 6 and 7 started in 2020. Residents can expect construction under the modified Concept Plan to commence in 2021/22.

Support for residents

Housing, estate management and support service to residents of Bonnyrigg are provided by St George Community Housing.

For queries about tenancy and property management services, phone Newleaf Communities on 1300 137 265.


For private property sales inquiries, visit the Landcom project website at: https://www.landcom.com.au/places/newleaf-at-bonnyrigg/