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851-857 Forest Road, Lugarno




851–857 Forest Road, Lugarno

Proposed new homes:

16 social housing apartments

New tenants:

Around 20 residents

Construction cost:

$5.26 million

What’s happening

We completed our Lugarno social housing units for seniors in 2021.

The 2-storey building has 8 one-bedroom and 8 2-bedroom units, and is within walking distance of Lugarno neighbourhood centre, bushland, parks and playing fields. Residents also have easy access to nearby bus stops.

The apartments are designed to fit in with the neighbourhood. Generous setbacks from the street, landscaping, and a mix of building materials, colours and roof profiles, ensure the units don’t overwhelm surrounding structures. Screens, landscaping, and considered placement of doors and windows, protect the privacy of neighbours.

Residents have private open spaces and rooms were designed to use natural light. Eight ground-floor units have step-free access from the street and there is ground-level parking, including accessible parking spaces.

The development is home to up to 20 older social housing tenants.

This is one of about 50 projects being delivered under the NSW Government’s $400-million Fast-Track Housing Construction Package, to help boost economic recovery from COVID-19 in communities throughout the state.

Tom Zeaiter Constructions built the apartments.

During the life cycle of the project, 26 jobs were created.