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Airds Bradbury

The Airds Bradbury Renewal Project is delivering quality residential areas and new open spaces, creating a strong sense of place within a clean, safe and modern environment.

Under the Concept Plan approved by the NSW Government in 2012, Airds Bradbury will become a contemporary, mixed community of around 2,100 modern homes, surrounded by 38ha of regenerated bushland. Up to 30% (630) of these homes will be new and retained social housing that seamlessly blends in with new private housing.


Construction underway Stages 4 and 6

Stages 4A and 6B under construction.

Stages 5, 7, 8 and 9 in planning.


2km to Campbelltown CBD, off Georges River Road

Indicative Land Area:

62 Ha

$150 million to fast-track renewal projects

As part of the 2020/21 Budget, the NSW Government recently announced $150 million would be committed from its Fast-Track Housing Construction Package over the next three years for NSW Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) to accelerate the renewal projects at the Airds-Bradbury and Claymore housing estates, delivering more than 500 new social homes and 1,000 new land lots for sale to build new private homes.

Half of this money (i.e. $75 million) will be allocated to the Airds Bradbury project, to allow LAHC to expand the renewal program by opening up a ‘second development front’ in parallel with the stages currently under redevelopment.

Airds Bradbury Masterplan

Fast-tracking the development at Airds Bradbury will see the project completed in mid-2026, or around three and a half years earlier than originally anticipated.

The Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ) continues to provide assistance to social housing residents who are required to relocate. A specialist team is available to assist those households who are moving as a result of the fast-tracked program.

$21 million in community facilities and infrastructure

The project will see delivery of the new Kevin Wheatley VC Memorial Playing Fields, a landscaped pond area, new community facilities, renewed local parks for residents as well as a new town centre located in the heart of Airds.

Seniors housing is also a priority with at least 52 units to be built close to future parks, community facilities and public transport.

The remaining new social homes will be detached homes to help meet the demand for contemporary housing in the Campbelltown region.

Support for residents

LAHC has been supporting residents with a wide range of programs and community initiatives provided at Airds Bradbury Central.

Following restrictions brought about by COVID-19, Airds Bradbury Central has recently reopened for user groups and service providers in line with health and safety requirements.  Residents can make contact with the Renewal Team by emailing: CampbelltownRenewalProjects@facs.nsw.gov.au


The sale of new residential lots is being managed by Landcom, on behalf of LAHC. New land sales are regularly released by Landcom, under the Newbrook project branding.

For property sales inquiries, phone: (02) 9391 2998 or visit: www.landcom.com.au/places/newbrook-at-airds


Skills Exchange Program 2018 video

EPBC Compliance report for Airds Bradbury March 2018 March 2019, PDF File (12.2 MB)
This a compliance report by Travers Bushfire & Ecology , the Project Ecologist, to assess compliance with the conditions of approval and to monitor the progress of works for the Airds Bradbury Renewal Project

Airds Newbrook Masterplan September 2018, PDF File (1.8 MB)
A map of the Newbrook development.

Concept plan for Airds Bradbury urban renewal project, PDF File (5.3 MB)
A map of the Airds Bradbury urban renewal project.

Airds Bradbury urban renewal project update May 2017, PDF File (894.0 KB) Tenant brochure