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Indicative land area:

13.5 ha

What’s happening

We’re partnering with Frasers Property Australia and Hume Community Housing to build high-quality housing in Telopea with good access to transport, health and education facilities, and jobs.

The new community will be close to the Parramatta CBD, the future Parramatta Light Rail stop, and Western Sydney University (Parramatta South campus), and also have easy access to extensive parkland.

Planning process

We exhibited our concept plan and development application for Telopea between October and November 2021.

The concept plan shows the general form and layout of the development, including the overall floor area of proposed buildings, how the development will be staged, and associated public infrastructure upgrades. The development application is for the area immediately next to the proposed light rail station (known as Stage 1A) and seeks approval to begin construction on 443 apartments across 5 buildings, ranging from 4 to 14 storeys.

Find out more about the concept plan and development application.

Tenant relocations

Telopea will be redeveloped in stages over the next 15 years or so.

Relocation of social housing tenants is also taking place in stages. If you are a social housing tenant, the Department of Communities and Justice will work with you to find a new home that meets your needs.

We will give you 6 months’ notice before you must move and we will cover all reasonable costs associated with moving. If a suitable property is available, you will have the opportunity to return to new housing in the redeveloped Telopea neighbourhood once its completed.

Telopea redevelopment precinct


Media releases

New social and affordable homes in pipeline for Western Sydney 11 December 2019 PDF File (121.4KB)

Telopea Precinct Rezoned by the NSW Government 19 December 2018

One step closer to revitalised communities 26 September 2018

Telopea EOI announcement 29 March 2018

Find out more about the proposal on the Department of Planning and Environment (DPIE) website


Telopea Newsletter December 2019 (PDF, 2954.8 KB)

Telopea newsletter March 2018 (PDF, 289.79 KB)
The Communities Plus Telopea newsletter includes: Expression of Interest, Relocation Update, Planning Exhibition, Site Investigations, and Future Updates.

Telopea newsletter October 2017 (PDF, 516.93 KB)
The Communities Plus Telopea newsletter includes: Telopea Priority Precinct Update, Have your say, Resident relocations.

Telopea newsletter March 2017 (PDF, 321.46 KB)
The Communities Plus Telopea newsletter includes: Next steps in the renewal process, Stage 1 Parramatta Light Rail, and About relocations.

Telopea background report (PDF, 6212.44 KB)
NSW Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) have partnered with City of Parramatta Council to plan for a sustainable and feasible urban renewal outcome for Telopea. The renewal plans to unlock Telopea’s potential to be an [...]

Telopea community and stakeholder engagement report February 2017 (PDF, 1887.42 KB)
The master plan guides growth and development in Telopea over the next 20 years which will include a mix of new and more social, affordable and private housing.

Telopea masterplan (PDF, 6318.67 KB)
The master plan aims to transform Telopea into a vibrant neighbourhood that will appeal to a diverse residential population.

Telopea newsletter November 2016 (PDF, 241.73 KB)
The Communities Plus Telopea newsletter includes: Telopea Master Plan, Join us on a bus tour to Riverwood, Telopea Master Planning Office – Holiday Shut Down and Change to Hours in 2017.

Telopea newsletter August 2016 (PDF, 523.68 KB)
This is our second Telopea Master Plan Tenant newsletter. These updates are designed to keep you informed about the planning for Telopea and how you can get involved.